International Destination Charters
Do you dream of an international vacation by boat?  There is nothing quite so enchanting and mesmerizing as travelling by boat to a new destination which becomes life-size upon the approach. Chartering by boat offers the comforts of a boat with your lodging as you move from place to place in your chosen destination while enjoying the pleasures of beautiful sailing conditions, stunning scenery, local culture, and cuisine. These trips are unforgettable with picturesque islands, tropical delights, ancient ruins, secluded anchorages and harbors in charming villages, different places and cultures to explore.
The club will now offer International Destination Charters.  We are considering charters to the Mediterranean, Adriatic, South Pacific, Caribbean, Asia, and other destinations around the globe.  The sailing charters can be skippered yachts for the casual traveller or a bareboat charter for those wishing to have a more hands-on experience where you skipper and crew on your own yacht amongst a flotilla of boats. 
There are endless possibilities such as Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Tahiti, Croatia, Turkey, the Caribbean, Thailand, even here in the United States on the East Coast, Southern California, etc. Where would you like to go? Feel free to contact Lorraine Weiss with suggestions or destinations that interest you.
SYC member Lorraine Weiss is leading the club’s International Destination Charters.

For more details about this special trip contact [email protected].