Squegee Newsletter

The Squeegee Weegee Gazette is the official publication of the Sausalito Yacht Club. It is available in printed format at the club, and is always available as a digital download on the SYC website. The Squeegee, as it is affectionately known to club members, is currently published quarterly (four times a year).


We are always looking for contributors to write for the Squeegee. Topics could include:
  • Our first boat
  • My favorite recipe on board
  • Share a cruising story
  • SYC history note
  • Local history or stories

Please e-mail suggestions or articles to Karin Shakery, editor, at squeegee@sausalitoyachtclub.org.


Advertising is available in the Squeegee in standard sizes and placements and color or B&W. We also offer club sponsorships with placement on our Web site. These placements offer significant Web search results for local businesses and services. For advertising, contact our advertising manager at advertising@sausalitoyachtclub.org.


Digital Copies & Subscription

Past issues of the Squeegee are available for download at the club’s website.


Spring 2018

squegee magazine spring 2018